Uova in purgatorio…

Here is a new installment of the Chef Bradbury/Bonnie Lalley collaboration! I am so proud to be a part of Keith Bradbury’s beautiful post – a wonderful ode to spring…

From Alfredo's With Love

Uova in purgatorio...

Eggs….the ultimate food packaging….universally loved from east to west. This painting by Bonnie Lalley is so redolent of spring..which, if the plethora of snowdrops gathering forces around our garden are anything to go by, is just around the corner. From earliest times eggs have been associated with rites and traditions…symbolic of new life, rebirth etc etc. Hundreds of years ago eggs were forbidden at this Lenten time because of their ‘richness’ and it was traditional in France to search for and collect eggs on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday and have them blessed on Easter Sunday, ready for their prolific consumption over Eastertide.

And the egg dish inspired by Bonnie’s painting is rather appropriate, as perhaps I too should not be eating then at Lent, – but I am! And so, the recipe for this painting is as the title, Eggs in Purgatory! But I like to use duck eggs…

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