Waiting for warmth

Today, the creative self is , sadly , a reflection of the weather–cold, grey and barren as a rock. They say it will be an early Spring, however, what to paint today?  One longs for verdant unfurling things to study and draw, therefore feels thwarted at the notion of painting anything else just now ….This artist finds herself staring into cups of pigment for what seem endless moments. The watercolors are mirrored by the decorations of the tea cups, the mind then wanders to thoughts about the decorations- by whose hand are these Chrysanthemums, butterflies and geishas rendered? How rare and intense is this cobalt blue rim, which leads one back to think- soon, the spring evening sky will have this hue at it’s upper most level. This must be the reason for harboring the watercolors in teacups, rather than say, a jam jar. With the creative sap rising one thinks of the ” … world in a grain of sand and Heaven in a wild flower…”  or at least for the moment , a teacup.Image

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