Hi All,It is I, the artist speaking. I would like to tell you a little bit about the life of an artist and a portfolio as I post illustrations and photos. Regarding “Life”, it is not full of big adventures but  very visually rich and varied- which works for this artist. Regarding portfolio, I am currently working on an eighth children’s book. The works you see here are vignettes from completed books and from thoughts about future books for the young and the not so young. I am trying different formats with this blog, am no techno-head so one must have patience… If you click on any of the photos you will find an accompanying narrative or a scrolling gallery.  Thank you for your interest and good bye for now…

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  1. Hello Bonnie, I just love your writings and paintings. I wait for Spring too, longing for my garden to awaken. The angle of the sun is bringing hope of warmer weather and wet Earth to dig and plant. I will look forward to your future posts herein. Janet

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